Island Windsurfing is a consultancy business focusing on advising consumers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers in the Action Sports space.

We do not have a retail store but do occasionally sell gear once we are done testing it. Meetings are by appointment only and business is not conducted at our condominium where business is not allowed by the condo documents and by local zoning.

Norman Platt Johnson

Island Windsurfing was founded by Platt Johnson. Platt competed in sailing for Tabor Academy and then Tufts University. He won two National Men’s Championships and numerous regional titles. He has taught windsurfing professionally since 1975 and holds two association instructional certificates.


Nancy Johnson

¬†Nancy Johnson is a four time women’s world champion and multiple national championship title holder. Nancy has taught windsurfing professionally since 1978 and holds one national association instructional certificate. She has authored articles on the sport of windsurfing for several national publications and has appeared on national TV.